Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our missionary story...

is getting more and more exciting!  The 5 missionary men have landed on the sand bar, "Palm Beach" and an Auca man and 2 Auca women came out of the jungle and spent the day with the missionaries.  Jim Elliot and co-laborers are sleeping in a tree house waiting for the Lord to provide more and more contact with the Auca Indians.  They spent several months dropping gifts down in a pail from Nate Saint's airplane and receiving gifts back from the natives...what will happen now that they are so close to the Auca' sure you don't miss next Wednesday when Miss Rachel continues the amazing saga of Jim Elliot's life!
Miss Rachel demonstrates how Nate Saint was able to get the pail of gifts from "Operation Auca" to be still enough for the natives to get the gifts out of it while he was flying his airplane.

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