Friday, April 16, 2010

How could this happen!

Who would have ever thought the Lord's plan for these men was to have them be killed by the Auca Indidans?!?  We learned this week that they did not make the call in on the radio at the right time.  Missionaries from all over Ecuador came to help search for them, and the results were tragic.  But why would this happen after there had been such friendly contact with "George" and the two Auca women before?  You do not want to miss what happens from here on out in this story as Miss Rachel helps us see how the Lord uses these missionary men even after their deaths!

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  1. Andrew told me all about this story before school today. I asked him why "Mr Phil" was in the picture on the left :) ha ha...I really thought he got "scanned" into this picture as a lesson for them to think about. Good thing Andrew set me straight. I might have thought Mr. Phil was there with the Aucas that day.
    Thanks for this lesson!! seriously.